Tattoo needle Vladkos Professional 3 RL

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Tattoo needle Vladkos Professional 3 RL

Product description:
Vladkos tattoo needles are the best combination of very high quality and low prices. Try our Premium Blades, which last longer and sharper during tattoos. In addition, each needle contains paper that indicates 100% sterility of the needle.

The 3RL lining tattoo needle is suitable for creating thin lines.
Packed in sterile packaging.
Price for 1 piece.

Sterile brazed stainless steel tattoo needle with three points in a sterile package.

Specially designed tattoo needles with a precisely formed tip, optimizes the flow of tattoo ink and provides cleaner, sharper lines and less trauma to the skin.

Tattoo needles marked RL are excellent for lining or contouring due to the arrangement of the tips in a tight circular formation.

Compatible with both coil and rotary tattoo machines.

The tattoo needle is suitable for tattoo tips of sizes: 3RT and 3DT

Size: 3RL (Round liner)
Taper- Long Taper
Needle diameter - 0.35 mm (can be changed - click on available options)
100% Sterile

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