Introduction to the distribution of tattoo needles and cartridges.

The basic division of needles is the letters RL, RS, M1, M2, F, and RM

RL - Round liner

RS - Round shader - round shader

M1 - Classic magnum

M2- Magnum with needles close together

RM- Round magnum - round magnum (sometimes also CM, SEMMT ... according to the manufacturer)

Flat - Flat grouping

The use of these needles is only indicative, it always depends on the personal preference of the tattoo artist.


For the most part, choosing a wallpaper is a personal preference. There are a lot of world Tatars who don't think there is a big difference in the length of tappers, so in fact, this may not be a big problem for you if you're not sure which taper to choose. We recommend starting with a standard wallpaper or long wallpaper and also trying a bugpin.

Needle width

The width of the needle affects the flow of tattoo ink. The narrower the diameter, the finer and more controlled the needle track. If you do not know how to choose, we recommend starting at size # 12 - 0.35 mm, these needles are the most used due to their versatility.

These are actually the names of the needles, which we follow primarily according to what we want to use the needles for.

grouping: Circular in a narrow formation

use: linking

grouping: Circular in looser formation

use: shading

grouping: needles side by side in two rows

use: painting of large areas, shading, (lining when rotating), especially suitable for saturated painting in one shade

grouping: needles side by side in two rows in a tight formation

use: coloring narrower places, tightening colors to lost or transition between two shades, (linking when rotating)

grouping: needles side by side in two rows, graduated to the letter C

use: same as for m1 and m2, when used correctly, the difference is that the transitions are smoother and the skin suffers less trauma.

grouping: needles next to each other in a row close together

use: geometry, tonal gradation, excellent for shading in the style of Trash polka

Taper is another division that we follow, but in the beginning it is not so important, because you will probably recognize the difference only after many experiences and tattooed hours or years.

Taper actually means the length of the tip of each needle.

There is a wide range of taper length variations between manufacturers. They start from 1.5 millimeters up to 8 millimeters.

Standard (Short) Taper - 1.5mm (standard)

Long Taper - 2.0mm (most used taper)

Double Long Taper - 2.5mm

Extra Long Taper - 3.5mm

Super Long Taper - 5.5mm

Super Extra Long Taper - 8.0mm Special Taper

Special taper:

Bugpin- a shorter taper in the shape of a cone

suitable for: realistic tattoos such as portraits, smooth - clean - smooth transitions, detailed work, detailed precise lines for rl. Also suitable for coloring so-called full surfaces without translucent skin, thanks to the narrower grouping the color is fuller.

Why is the length of the wallpaper important? The shorter the length of the wallpaper, the more color flows into the skin at once. A longer taper, on the other hand, causes the color to flow more slowly into the skin. As a result, these taller wallpapers are great for working with black and gray colors, because you have more time to work with the skin than the color is completely absorbed.

This is the width of each individual needle.

The numbers 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 are most often indicated on the box.

# 08 - 0.25 mm (more suitable for permanent make-up)

# 10 - 0.30 mm (the second most used dimension especially for lining)

# 12 - 0.35 mm (most unused size)

# 14 - 0.40 mm