Tattoo cartridge Emalla Eliot 41RM

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Tattoo cartridge Emalla Eliot 41RM

EMALLA CARTRIDGE  with a soft reinforced membrane inside. Perfect tattoo tension, better for lining bold and fine lines and shading.

Emalla are high-quality cartridges with stainless steel needles. EMALLA ELIOT cartridge blades are imported from Japan. 

Square design plastic rods fix the cartridge needle stably and make it more stable when inserting. The safety 3-layer membrane is designed to prevent ink backflow. This means it protects your tattoo machine from ink flow. 


The price is given for one Piece! 

SIZE: 41RM(Round Magnum) - Suitable for shading

Taper: 0.30 mm Long Taper (Don't forget to choose the taper diameter that suits you) - Click on   I WANT TO CHOOSE TAPER AND DIAMETER


- Compatible with all types of Cheyenne types of machines

- 100% sterilized with EO gas and individually wrapped.

- The needles in the cartridge are made of stainless steel.

- Cartridge bodies are made of medical plastic.

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