What brand of tattoo cartridges should I buy?

The choice of tattoo cartridges depends on your personal preferences. Today, most brands are already compatible with most cartridge tattoo machines. We can encounter the problem more with machines for permanent make-up - some machines are still being produced here that are not compatible with classic cartridges.

The best-selling and most popular cartridges on our website www.protetovani.cz according to reviews are:

Vladkos cartridge

Vladkos Candy

Vladkos Cristal Lake

Elite III


When choosing tattoo machines or machines for PM, we strongly recommend focusing on those that support the type of these cartridges for the following reasons:

1. Almost endless manufacturers and configurations of cartridges on the market (we have more than 28 manufacturers alone)

2.High quality and low price)

We recommend that you avoid fake and atypical machines from various trainings, especially for PM, which are not only extremely overpriced, but it is also difficult to service this machine and it is difficult to purchase atypical cartridges, which are also usually overpriced.

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