Repair and service of tattoo machines

Do you have a machine at home that no longer works as it should or not at all and is no longer under warranty? We now offer you regular service and repair of all tattoo machines In our team we have a very skilful and qualified repairman. We repair all tattoo machines of ALL BRANDS that are no longer under warranty from the manufacturer - Cheyenne, Inkjecta, FK Irons, Hummingbird, Equaliser, Elite, EZ and many others.

What we offer: 1) We diagnose the machine without any damage and find out the extent of the damage 2) We offer more repair options and always consult with the customer on the scope of repairs. 3) Possibility to use both original parts and parts from secondary production 4) Fair dealing and unbeatable prices How to arrange the repair of the machine? Simply email us at Please include the brand of the tattoo machine and a description of the defect in the email. In the subject of the email, please always state theREPAIR OF THE TATTOO MACHINE. You can also contact us at any time at 773064204. Machine service Each device must be serviced over time. Are you a professional tattoo artist who is alive with this craft? We certainly don't have to tell you that regular service of your machine will significantly extend its service life. Be one step ahead and anticipate the unpredictable. We offer you all service operations on all brands of tattoo machines! Do you need to replace the spring in the grip or replace the motor shaft and you are not manually skilled? We will be happy to help you with regular maintenance and how else at the best prices. It is very important for us that you are satisfied. Before sending the device, we will consult with you about the price of any service. How to arrange for the service of your machine? Simply email us at In the email, please state the brand of the tattoo machine and the service operation you would be interested in. Please always include TATTOO MACHINE SERVICE in the subject line of the email. You can also contact us at any time at 773064204.

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