About us


We are a unique company on the Czech market in terms of the product range offered, with a personal and friendly approach to customers. In 2016, we decided to launch an online store, through which we will try to introduce both our customers and the wider public to the world of tattoos.

In our store you can buy all tattoo supplies, both for beginner tattoo artists and for professional tattoo studios. Currently, we also offer high-quality tattoo inks from more than nineteen global brand manufacturers. You don't have to buy tens of thousands of overpriced machines right away to try the tattoo technique. We offer you a lot of useful advice to get you started, completely free of charge.

* We are currently selling the first Czech brand of tattoo equipment - VLADKOS.

* In our offer you can find more than 3300 products ready for immediate dispatch. * Our website www.protetovani.cz is here for you. We will be happy to advise you in the beginning, so don't be afraid to contact us.

* Through us, almost anyone can become a tattoo artist for a reasonable price!

* Also use all the instructions and articles that we have written for our customers for FREE. All articles HERE

* With us you can also find absolutely unbeatable prices for consumables

* Become part of the community and add Us on FB or Instagram HERE

We believe that you will be satisfied with our assortment, which will at least help you understand this interesting artistic activity. If you need any advice in the area of ​​tattoos, you can call our phone number 773 064 204, we will be happy to advise you.