Are you at the stage when you have purchased a machine or a whole set and you are wondering how to start with a tattoo?

In this brief guide, we will try to help you at least a little to get started.

How to start tattooing:

From the previous instructions, you could learn how to assemble and set up a rotary and bobbin tattoo machine. Now let's look at how to train tattoos.

You can train tattoos on two things. These are for 1.) Training tattoo skin, which you can buy on our e-shop, or for 2.) Pig skin, which can be purchased in small and large butchers.

Working with artificial tattoo skin

Artificial leather, as the name implies, is artificial leather, so it does not contain pigments like human skin. On this skin you can practice mainly the depth of needle insertion, straightness of lines or the accuracy of drawing motifs. However, since tattoo skin does not have a pigment like human, we do not test the elasticity of the skin, and we do not see the overall progress as the color still remains the same as when injected (the color in the skin does not work, it does not drink as with real skin).

Working with pork skin

This skin, in pigmentation and layers, is very similar to the human one. On the other hand, the skin is of course dead and no longer works. In this way, we can practice needle puncture, lining, shading, coloring, transfer of motifs or proper stretching of the skin during tattooing.

We recommend always degreasing the pig skin before the tattoo and, if necessary, shaving it.

On the Internet you can also find a variant of tattoos on fruits such as oranges or grapefruits. However, we do not recommend this variant. It is difficult to train on the fruit and in addition you will stick all the components with sweet juice.

Transmission of tattoo motifs

We will transfer the selected motif to the skin using high-quality three-layer transfer paper, do not use any cheap photocopies from the stationery store, they are not intended for that and nothing will be printed on your skin. In our e-shop you can buy high-quality transfer papers for tattoo motifs at an affordable price.

We can draw the motif either directly on the yellow part of the transfer paper or drag the already drawn image with a pencil on the transfer paper. The last lightest but also the most expensive option is to print the motif directly on transfer paper using a special thermal printer.

The skin on which we apply the motif must be clean, degreased and shaved. It is good to apply a special transfer gel or stencil to the skin before transfer, thanks to which the motif adheres better to the skin. Instead of transferring the gel, a ball deodorant will also serve you well for training on artificial skin. However, we do not recommend using it before tattooing on human skin, as it is not intended for irritated skin and chemicals could enter the skin and cause a severe allergic reaction.

So that's all for now. The company would like to thank you for reading the article and we hope that we will make a few things clear to you again.

Train! Next time we'll talk about another tattoo.

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